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    As a culture, we often forget to pay heed to our ties to the land. But it is incredibly important to consider the remarkable effect that place has on us. Just as we shape and build the landscape around us, the landscape shapes and builds each of us. 

    This August, in the Rio Gallery’s upcoming show This Is The Placewe are implementing a way for anyone who feels they have been touched by Utah to interact with the show.  This is a call for entries to any person who feels a tie to the land, to any person who has been touched by their surroundings, anyone who loves Utah.

    Send us a picture or short video of your favorite place in Utah. Show us your favorite rocks to climb on, the restaurant where you met your wife, the park where you learned how to ride your bike. Take a picture of the place that comes immediately to mind when you speak of Utah.

    The show will be held August 16 - September 13 with a public reception on Friday, August 16 from 6-9 PM during the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. Be sure to stop by with your family and friends to see your piece in the show!